#The100DayProject | 100 days of Abstracted/Stylized Landscapes by DustinGoolsby / by Dustin Goolsby


… and here I am, not sure exactly which way to go or exactly what to do… like normal. It feels as though a long, ambitious and adventurous journey is about to begin. A step in any direction could lead to numerous paths headed toward a horizon of innumerable possibilities.

But, here I am, paused…

Instead of pushing forward through the unknown terrain to the wonders that await, echoes of my own voice ask 100 questions, all wanting to know the answer to the other question bouncing off of some other corner of my mind. STOP!

Gather the gear and move.

Paint ✓

Brushes ✓

Something to paint on ✓

Confidence to trudge forward ? Working on it ;)

No looking back. The 100 day project is here and ready or not it is time to start a new body of work that encompasses a lot of the things that inspire me and make me feel like I am where I want to be.

In landscapes, I will be able to go to places whether physical or in imagination and be able to enjoy the nature of that place. In style, this body of work will be primarily acrylic, oil and watercolor. At first I wanted it to be strictly oil. However, I will be traveling on 2 or 3 different occasions during the next 100 days and I need to have the flexibility as to be able to set myself up for success.

100 days, 100 places, 1000 lessons and endless possibilities…

Let’s Go!